At QAM we firmly believe that all students have the right to a high-quality education program, which is reflected in our dual- language, inclusive approach to teaching and learning. Through authentic, hands-on experiences, students are encouraged to express ideas and opinions, consider alternate viewpoints and share ideas with others both in English and Arabic.

The social and emotional development of our students is equally important to us. We strive to instill a sense of confidence and empowerment by teaching positive behavior strategies and expectations using our S.T.A.R. guidelines:

  • Show kindness
  • Take responsibility
  • Act safely
  • Respectful

Qatar Academy Msheireb believes all students can behave appropriately before, during and after school. Our expectation is that all students should be provided with a safe learning environment.

Parent participation and support is vital to the academic and social success of all students. In order for students to learn and grow in the area of behavior, the school staff, student, and families must work together in a positive team relationship.

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